King Cake in 30 easy Steps

30 Steps to make a King Cake

  1. Scaling: Weighing the ingredients.
  2. Mixing: Very important in the dough’s development.
  3. First Fermentation or Proofing: Develops the dough’s flavor and texture.
  4. Chunking: The proofed dough is cut into 20 pound chunks.
  5. Blocking: The chunked dough is formed into a rectangle block.
  6. Cold Proof: The dough blocks are rested in the cooler for a secret amount of time to chill the dough for easier king cake make up and to further develop the flavor.
  7. Sheeting: The dough block is sheeted into a long uniform dough sheet.
  8. Butter: Dianne’s King Cakes uses real butter and secret flavorings to help moisten the dough and add flavor.
  9. Make Cinnamon Sugar: Mix cinnamon and sugar formula.
  10. Apply Cinnamon Sugar: We apply the cinnamon sugar because that’s next!
  11. Stripping: The dough sheet is cut into two to three long strips.
  12. Folding: The long strips are folded in thirds to form long king cake bands with the butter and sugar enclosed inside the dough.
  13. Dividing: The long strips are then cut into king cake lengths.
  14. Braiding: The dough strips are cut into three strips and braided
  15. Shaping: the braided dough is shaped into a king cake an put on pans.
  16. Cold Proof #2: The shaped doughs are cold proofed a secret amount of time to further develop its flavor and texture.
  17. Warm Proofing: The cold king cakes are proofed in a warm moist cabinet electronically controlled to within a 1% variance of a secret temperature and precise humidity for an exact amount of time.
  18. Make Fillings: Mix all the different fillings.
  19. Fill: the Filled King Cakes
  20. Cooking: Bake in a revolving oven with forced air to cook the cakes evenly all over for a secret amount of time.
  21. Make the Secret Glaze: It’s a secret!
  22. Apply Glaze: The warm cakes are sprayed with the secret formula.
  23. Boarding: The cakes are placed on boards.
  24. Baby Insertion:Place plastic baby in a secret spot
  25. Make the Icing
  26. Apply Icing: The cakes are iced by hand.
  27. Sprinkles: The cakes are sprinkled with colored toppers.
  28. Drying: King cakes are placed in racks to dry.
  29. Bagging and Closing
  30. Boxing: This includes applying labels, enclosing beads, cups, and doubloons and history, and securing the box with tape for shipping.