King Cake Retail Hours

Seasonal  Hours

Monday through Friday: 7am to 5pm or until sold out
Saturday: 8 to 3 or until sold out 
Sundays: CLOSED but like our facebook page to get updates  Some Sundays we run a charity Special and are open for a few hours.


1536 River Oaks Rd West

Harahan, LA 70123 (Clearview Elmwood)

Near Citrus and Dickory 




King Cake Offerings

Small King Cake serve 10 to 15 $13.95
Medium Plain King Cake serves 20 to 25 $17.95
Medium Single Filled King Cake $21.95
Medium Double Filled King Cakes $22.95
Large King Cake 30 to 35 $22.95
Super King Cake 40 to 45 $29.95

Single Fillings: Cheese, Praline, Apple

Double Filled:  Raspberry Cheese, Strawberry Cheese, 4 de Lis- Combo. Not all double filled cakes are available every day.



Locations selling Caluda's King Cakes The list of locations has moved please click here