King Cake F.A.Q.

Q: Is shipping included in the king cake price?
A: Absolutely. Caluda's King Cake is unlike some other king cake shippers that lure you in with low prices and walk you through the ordering process without mentioning that shipping is an extra $20.00 or more or it's extra because it's residential, or it's rural, or the moon is out. The only additional charges we have are for Saturday delivery. We also give you the option on traditional king cakes to ship 2nd day to save some money and if you need the cake delivered in the am there is Priority Next Day available.

Q: Can I get a king cake shipped today by calling the shop?
A: It's possible if we have any king cakes left in the retail area. Just call the shop and we'll see what we can do.

Q: Can I specify a certain delivery time for the king cake?
A: Shipping carriers cannot guarantee a specific delivery time for king cakes. Priority Next Day is available for an additional charge which will guarantee a am delivery.

Q: What about a king cake delivery on Saturday, Sunday, or a Monday date?
A: The normal delivery dates are Tuesday through Friday, depending on available shipping dates. The only exceptions are the two Mondays before Mardi Gras. FedEx will pick up the king cake on those Saturdays and deliver them on Monday. You can get Saturday king cake delivery but there is an extra 15.00 charge from Fedex.

Q: I have multiple king cakes orders that I'd like to ship to several locations. Do I have to enter each order individually?
A: No-The system is set up for Multipal addresses - however, if you have trouble with that you are welcome to call the store at (504) 218-5655 and place your order with us over the phone.

Q: I have a large list going to all different locations--can I email you the list?
A: Sure! Just call the shop and we will set up an account for you and send you an email with a excel template and instructions for preparing your list.

Q: How fresh are your king cakes?
A: Our king cakes are baked from midnight to the early morning the same day they get picked up. You receive your cake the very next day so it is as fresh as possible. We all find the cake actually taste better the next day. A fresh cake doesn't have time for the flavors to all come together... kind of like a good pot of gumbo!

Q: How long do they taste fresh?
A: Our king cakes will taste great for at least three days after you receive it.--but don't open it up until your ready to eat it. It will stay fresh longer that way. Keep it in a cool dry area, preferably in a shaded or dark location.

Q: What about freezing your king cake?
A: Yes, they freeze well when done right. We would suggest wrapping the cake in another bag just to make sure it's sealed well. When you're ready to serve it, just let the cake thaw in the bag. You could also heat portions of it in a microwave, but only for a short burst of about 15 seconds.

Q: Can I send the king cake to someone who lives in an apartment?
A: Yes. If no one is home, FedEx will leave it with the complex's manager. If there isn't a manager, they will leave a note on the door and attempt delivery the next delivery day. Keep this in mind if it's possible the recipient won't be home for a Friday delivery. The next day they would attempt the delivery would be Monday.