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2020 Flavors of the Week


Make the most of Mardi Gras season with 7 different flavors of fresh-baked king cakes for each week of the season from January 6th to Fat Tuesday. Impress your new best friends on the parade route with decadent filled and frosted cakes, all starting with our signature cinnamon-sugar braided Danish dough. No matter if you’re on the Sidewalk Side or Neutral Ground, you’ll have enough to feed 20-25 revelers when the purple Caluda’s box shows up to the party. Order your cake for delivery on the week it’s available or pick up your flavor of the week right from our local bakery.

****The flavor you receive is DEPENDENT on the day you want it to arrive (It doesn’t matter what day you order it on. It only matters what day you want it delivered.). Example: If you want Bananas Foster king cake, the order should be placed for delivery the week of Jan. 27th.

2020 Flavors of the Week:

  • Week 1 (1/6-1/11: Oreo Cream Cheese
  • Week 2 (1/13-1/18): Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Week 3 (1/20-1/25): Maple Bacon Praline
  • Week 4 (1/27-2/1): Bananas Foster
  • Week 5 (2/3- 2/8): White Chocolate Bread Pudding
  • Week 6 (2/10-2/15): Cherry Almond
  • Week 7 (2/17-2/22): Blueberry Cheese Cake

** Kit: If the weather is warm the week of your cake order we may send your cake as a KIT, where you put the (included) icing and sugar and other decorations on.

 Standard Overnight Shipping is included. Delivery on Saturday or delivery to rural areas may cost extra. Shipping can be calculated at checkout. More Info
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