Mardi Gras king cake culture: 2014 trends and changes Judy Walker

In 2014, Dianne’s King Cake became Caluda’s King Cake. Harahan baker John Caluda, of Cottage Catering and Bakery, had baked Dianne’s King Cakes since 2009. “The partnership has three people,” Caluda said. “The person putting up the money wanted to be bought out. I was able to do that at the middle of the year.”

The king cake recipe is the same. Caluda has added a couple of other innovations this year.

Caluda’s 4-de Lis King Cake

At Cottage Catering & Bakery, 1536 River Oaks Road West, Harahan. 504.218.5655

The 4-de-lis is a broad, braided king cake with attractive heavy white frosting, topped with lots of purple, green and gold sprinkles. In the four corners are areas that indicate the fillings piped inside: Cream cheese, pecan praline, apple and raspberry-cheese. The apples taste freshly cooked. The dough is really tender and buttery with cinnamon layers, with a tang that offsets the sugar and goes well with all the fillings.

The baby: Inserted.

Cake prices: Medium plain: $17.95; filled: $21.95; double-filled, $22.95. Other sizes and prices as well, including extra large. Check the website.

Shipping? Yes.

My colleague said it: “This is actually a brilliant cake.”

Lagniappe: Caluda’s wholesales king cakes to several locations.  Zuppardo’s Supermarket and Majoria Discount Drugs sell the most, Caluda said.